Photour Ltd is a free publication that seeks to be a precursor for modern and free media. The site contains publications around personal projects, works and reviews written in English.

Photour Ltd itself offers photographic services and journalistic content, principally offered to businesses.

Our special interest and know-how is in documentary event photography and narrative pictorial portraits in natural milieu.

For references and more, see the more frequently updated Finnish page of Photour Ltd.

Photography prices (plus VAT 24 %):
– Photography, first hour: 197€
– Following hours: 106€/hour
– Photo editing: 106€/hour

Journalistic texts (plus VAT 0 %)
– One hour’s work: 57€
– One day of work: 427€
– One week of work: 2 135€

Optionally individual photos can be sold per piece. In this case the price is usually set between 140 and 255 euros, subject to the image itself and the necessary effort put into the image.

The prices are based on Finnish freelance journalist association’s suggestions (in Finnish):

Photour Oy (Ltd)
VAT-number: FI25908883
Domicile: Espoo
Contact: Tuomas Siitonen
Phone: +35840 651 2221
E-mail format is

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