We're a strange group of selected photographers from a cold North-European country called Finland.

This publication exists to document news, current events, projects and journeys in a photojournalistic fashion.

About the publisher

Publisher: Photour Oy, a limited company
VAT number: FI25908883
Editor-in-chief: Tuomas Siitonen (see contact information above)

Who are we?

Tuomas Siitonen (Editor-in-chief)

As the CEO of Photour Oy and a photojournalist, Tuomas is the artistic one. His enthusiasms are documentary, people and fetish photography. He believes that documenting the life of people is an exciting thing – people tell so many stories just by being who they are. Tuomas is also fond of black and white photography, as he thinks that colours often take the viewer’s eyes away from the photograph’s story.

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