On this same day, exactly one year ago, Project L’s first part was released. The whole idea of presenting people wearing latex in an elegant way had been wandering in my head for years, but when I managed to get the two girls in front of the camera in their rather unusual outfits, the project was born.


How a single Project L happens

I’ve got a black book of ideas full of, well, ideas, but they’re not always relevant nor needed. The most important part of a Project L is the model, as everything focuses around her.

Nowadays I’ve got plenty of willing people to model for me, but it wasn’t always so. In the beginning I had to seek the most open-minded people and convince them of my pure intentions and the lack of erotic viewpoints. Nowadays it’s often as simple as asking someone I’ve acquainted with properly whether she wants to take part of the project. For them, at least, my project has seemed to work.

Even though all of my models have been extraordinary beautiful, that’s not the reason why they’re posing for me; I usually approach a model not because of her looks, but because of her personality. That’s what matters to me the most, to have a model who’s a pleasure to work with and sincere. And to be able to fool around, laughing at ridiculously stupid jokes together or as a group.

Naturally, there are other major limitations too. The most major being my latex wardrobe. Currently I only own latex clothing sized somewhere at continental 36-40. Most of my wardrobe is from Libidex, but I’ve still got some pieces left from Tiina Rikala, who has borrowed me quite a lot of her extra pieces. Please go check her website, she creates wonderful designs and is the only one who does it in Finland commercially.

After a model has agreed to take part of a project, the next step is finding a theme and a shooting location that suits her. When a model is in a familiar environment and/or doing something that she likes, most likely she will be more relaxed.

Before a project is published, I always let the model choose whether she wants to withdraw images that she does not approve of that much. I respect the model’s choice, even though sometimes I present them a different view on the image, as to ask “are you certain”?

Usually I sign a model contract with the model, but not always. I tend to trust the models, as I believe that they trust me. Naturally, a signed contract is always the best way to do things, but Project L happens between friends.


Why haven’t I made a Project L with a male model?

First off, I don’t have that much latex clothing suitable for the male gender. And if I did, it most likely would have to be some loose-fitting or really well-sitting clothing, such as a latex tuxedo or so on. And they cost. A lot.

A tight latex catsuit on a male seems a bit too kinky for the project. Unless that man would be a hipster who would wear spandex leggings on the city, of course, and nobody wants to look at hipsters.

Perhaps later. With the right guy, with the right clothing.


Where to now?

I intend to continue the project as long as I simply can. The project has, and most likely will cost me more than it gives. But it’s not all about the money; I enjoy what I’m doing and I want to resume doing it.

I’m still aiming to get a sponsor for the project, but no luck as of yet. Perhaps the future will bring one along.

On August of 2013, Photour.net received 11,916 visits with 8,719 unique users. On average, that’s 384 visitors per day. The visits, however, are spiked on the release dates of Project Ls. Whenever I publish something that’s not related to Project L, the visitor spikes are way lower. That’s almost 50 times more than a year ago on August 2012, when Photour.net gathered 178 users.

At this rate, August of 2014 will gather 583884 visitors. Yeah, right. Like that’s going to happen.

Project L has taught me so much. I’ve become a better photographer and learned to guide models better. I’ve learned to criticize my work, to receive criticism and learn from it.

And finally…

I want to thank everyone who has supported me.

Thanks to the models, who have opted to pose for the project for free and squeezed themselves in tight suits made of rubber. For art. (And for the experience of it.)

Thanks to my significant other, who helped me start the project and has supported the project since, and tolerated my sudden announcements of “Hey, I’m going to take photos of a friend wearing latex at a secluded cottage next week”.

Thank you for Aleksi of NP Networking, for constantly borrowing camera gear and hosting Photour.net.

And of course, thank you. Thank you for supporting my intentions with your continued views, comments and criticism. I really appreciate it, and never thought I’d get as much recognition as I’ve gotten already.

The best of Project L

I couldn’t help but to think that the page lacked something. Thus, I chose the best X photos of the project. It ended up being top 15.

You might ask that what is it that makes these particular photos the best ones. For some it’s their technical performance, for some it’s the situation itself. I just simply like these photos the most.

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