I somehow keep appearing on anime conventions. I don’t even watch anime!

This time I at least had a perfectly fine excuse: I was invited to talk about cosplay photography from the viewpoint of a press photographer in a panel hosted by Eetu Lampsijärvi. The third viewpoint was from a cosplayer Elffi, whom some of you might perhaps recognize.

The panel was quite crowded, and what we had initially thought would last perhaps less an hour, lasted for one and a half and was still cut short due to a following program. The audience was extremely active and – unlike Finns usually – had no problem interacting and asking questions. And that’s definitely a good thing. I only wish we could’ve discussed the concept of cosplay photography longer.

The main point from the discussion panel was – to me – that you must dare to dare. And this is not only limited to cosplay photography, but to many other fields in planned photography shoots. Finns are scared to contact property owners to ask a permission to shoot on a specific location, even though obtaining a permission is quite plausible – people are very helpful if you just ask politely. This I’ve noticed when shooting Project L, a latex photography project.

If I’m not badly mistaken, the panel was recorded and will be uploaded to the interwebs after a while. The discussion was in Finnish, though, and covered cosplay photography mostly from the viewpoint of Finns, so it most probably won’t be of any use to international readers.

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