It’s now official. Few, selected prints of Project L can now be purchased via Redbubble: you can access the online store right here:

I’m aware that I could make a better margin by using a local print shop and sending the prints myself, but I really don’t have enough resources for that, especially when most of Photour’s traffic comes from beyond Finland. Time is valuable and I’ve got only so much of it available.

This is initially a test to see exactly how much people are interested in prints overall, thus I’ve uploaded only few of my photos to the service. That said, if there’s a photo of mine that you’re extremely interested in, drop a comment or an e-mail and I’ll get that sorted out.

I don’t have any bigger plans for the potential profit from the prints beyond funding Project L, its new clothing and traveling expenses. If the sales catch on, I’ll make sure that the models will get a fair share of the profits, too, as everybody modelling for me is a volunteer.

Advertisement for prints to support Project L and Photour

If you want to support Project L, feel free to buy a print or two for yourself. It really helps the project and gives more opportunities to present more varying content. That’d be really, really wonderful. That little widget above shows the most popular prints already purchased.

Any feedback, negative or positive, is always welcome. I’m not very experienced in marketing or selling prints, but I’d like to try this out. Perhaps I’ll even change Google’s ads in the articles to these little widgets – at least that way I’d be exactly sure what ads Photour is showing. You can never be sure with AdSense.

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