As my and the models’ timetables have been quite busy and unmatching during the summer, I decided to dig into my photo archives and grab some outtakes that were never released due to repetition or not-up-to-par photography techniques. I picked the best one of those and put them out in the open. The photos are in a chronological order.

These photos might not have the photographic values of the regular projects, but I like how they portrait the projects and how they’ve changed among the months.

As what’s happening right now behind the scenes, I’ve purchased a replace for the catsuit that was torn apart (gotta love Libidex’s LatexEXPRESS delivery times) and I’m still hesitating whether I should chlorinate it or not. Not chlorinating would most likely result into more regular treatment with Pjur and such dressing aids that actually treat the latex better, but chlorinating, in the other hand, would be much easier for the latex newcomers to dress in. Dilemmas, dilemmas. For now I’ll recommend a liquid dressing aid for the models.

I’ve been also thinking about Fantastic Rubber’s neck-entry catsuits, but I fear that neck-entry might be way too much for the latex newbies. It’s quite difficult to say as I haven’t tried those out. Perhaps one day.

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