Oh my, it’s already time for the tenth part of Project L. I’m glad we’ve come this far and I truly hope we don’t have to stop doing this any time soon.

The honour of modeling for the tenth time goes to Laura. Laura’s an open-minded person, and after a while of waiting for the forecasted thunderstorm we gave up on waiting and decided to go to Hietsu, Helsinki’s most popular beach. The weather was wonderfully sunny and there was no trace of the thunderstorm, which had apparently struck Russia instead.

Laura dressed up in her jogging gear, and I’ll have to admit, it’s quite difficult for a person who’s never seen latex to distinguish regular jogging pants from latex. Laura gathered only as much looks as one would with tight-fitting jogging pants.

Even when changing the outer layer of clothes from the jogging suit to a bodysuit on the open, no-one even seemed to notice the layer of latex underneath. Quite nice, I’ll have to admit. It’s wonderful to know that the clothing is not as provoking as one would presume it to be.

This also sprung a question; which is more provoking? Slim bikinis or a full-body latex catsuit?

Unfortunately the catsuit was torn apart from the armpit beyond any reasonable repair possiblities at the end of the photoshoot. This means that I’ll most certainly have to invest into a new, black catsuit as it goes well with almost everything. I can’t afford one at the moment and Project L isn’t really making any money. I’ll need to look into finding sponsors for the project.

For now I can proceed with the project on my own, but not forever whilist keeping it interesting at the same time. The simple fact is that I need more outfits. I’ve used the ones I currently own and managed to borrow some from Tiina Rikala (whom I thank with all my heart) for the whole time of the project. Oh well. I believe everything will be alright on the long run, as this is what I enjoy doing and this is what I want to do with my life – more than anything.

Boy, that was deep. Nevertheless, the behind the scenes photos and outtakes will be released, as usual, few days after with the longest video yet lasting three and a half minutes. We were thinking that we could perhaps do a more video-oriented Project L later, thus learning and focusing more on the audiovisual side of the project.

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