Windy day around Aviapolis

A time is a limited resource – especially when you’ve got family at home, a career and a second career of creating latex photoshoots every month.

In Finnish we call these times “ruuhkavuodet”, badly translated by me to “the years of the rush”.

This means that our options to plan the shoot beforehand are restricted – even when the weather promises a stormy weather with snow, rain, sleet and hailstorms, we will still plan the shoot on that day.

When I drove to pick up a latex-covered Jonna from her place, the weather was horrible – every single weather element I mentioned was there. The visibility on the motorway was horrible.

But when we arrived to the shooting location – Aviapolis, an office zone almost completely empty during the weekends – the skies cleared. There were but a few white puff balls scattered around, being thrown around in the strong winds.

And the sun was bright as heck.

So our story begins, yet again, with a black Volvo and some black latex. as I wrote out in the 101st Project L, it’s a very common storyline, almost a cliche as things go.

Even though the sun made a surprise appearance, it was not warm at all. And, as you probably know, latex is a terrible insulator – especially during cold weather.

It was quite cold, around 5 degrees Celsius, which is around 41°F for you silly five countries that use the silly measurement system of Fahrenheit. You silly things.

The Finnish flag was flapping in the wind, celebrating the day of the Finnish language.

The hotel building in the background created a kind of a tornado, where the wind circled around in the oblique shapes around the inner yard.

Then Jonna walked into a booth and faked buying a parking voucher for the car, as we had cunningly parked five metres away in a public parking space.

Yes, I had Jonna walking the same zebra crossing back and forth. I liked how the building in the background creates intersecting lines against the pedestrian crossing’s white lines.

And the blue and orange hues juxtaposing each other, with the sun’s light yellow rays creating an interesting shift in the colours.

Overall I feel that the colours are in a very satisfying balance here.

We found a luggage trolley in the street, belonging to the airport. I have absolutely no idea how the trolley ended up so far away from the airport, there’s at least few kilometres of walking and pushing the cart in snow, slush and anti-slip gravel – a huge physical task to perform.

Someone was quite determined.

Or drunk.

Probably both.

Someone had parked their Douglas DC-3 on their backyard, which was totally not an aviation museum.

It spread its wings in a very threatening matter, and was even shinier than Jonna was.

Jonna accepted the challenge, and the DC-3’s aggression was pushed back, and we were able to flee unharmed.

The smaller Cessna was just glaring us under the bigger sibling’s wings.

When it’s cold, we couldn’t do these photoshoots without a car as a base. Even though Finland has a relatively great public transportation, we really need a homebase to reach the more remote areas and to drag my huge array of photographic tools.

So we drove to a different building in the office zone. A lone worker arrived to lift some manhole covers, but proceeded to ignore the latex-wearing girl and the silly photographer.

What a true professional.

“Hey can you walk there and then walk back. Okay. Great. Thanks, that’s great.”

And that’s how I direct the models. Much professional.

It was pretty bright.

As soon as we left the area, dark and heavy clouds devoured the blue skies and it started to rain – rain, snow and sleet. Against all odds and forecasts, we managed to find the perfect spot with some lovely sunshine, although it was very cold.
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Latex used in the project

Princess Catsuit by Libidex

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