July of the Jonna

The story starts—yet again—in a black Volvo.

It’s become a meme now. Or something.

If I’ll write another book, it, too will start in a black Volvo. There’s no way getting around it.

After starting a new day job an international company, I’ve come into contact with dozens different nationalities in the span of last few months.

A nice tidbit I’ve learned since is that it’s amazing how much us Finns talk about weather; it’s ingrained within every discussion had with Finns, ever.

Especially curious is that how much the weather affects our moods; when it’s gloomy, we’re gloomy—but when it’s sunny, we’re a bunch of very happy people!

But when it gets over a certain limit—let’s say over 27 degrees Celsius—many of us stop functioning.

The weather was around 30 degrees Celsius, so dressing in a catsuit was really not an option.

Socks, gloves and a skirt is a great choice, too!

Besides, we’ve got plenty of feedback about using “way too much of catsuits”.


Luckily we’re adding some new latex to our wardrobe. Dresses, gauntlets and socks.

Soon. Ish.

The black Volvo took us to a very common thing in Finland called allotments. If you didn’t know, they are basically small plots of land within a city for some small-scale gardening, with sometimes a tiny cottage on them.

Now of course, because these allotments are private property, we cannot (and wouldn’t) go on them, nor even photograph them revealing the yards, but the walkways surrounding them are public property.

Even though the allotments are kinda tight-knit communities, people didn’t seem to mind—nor care—about a woman wearing latex socks, gloves and a skirt.

It’s a very casual thing, especially when comparing to a catsuit. Nobody stared. Maybe a slight glance.

Scared of wearing latex accessories outdoors?

Don’t be. Be yourself.

“Branch place closed. Will be opened Aug 1st.”

Short gloves are nice, but… what about long gloves?

Time for some change in accessories.

Too bad that these are a bit damaged by sun or something, so the left glove has around 40% of its surface a bit matte, not very shiny.

The following sequence of photos is called “a sequence of photos of Jonna sitting on a bench”.

“Go stand in the kinda half-shadow place so that the sun shines in your eyes kinda.”

And that’s how I direct the models.

The following sequence I call “Jonna walks among some grassy areas, a bit back and forth, too”.

I’m very good at naming photographic sequences.

Disclaimer: I had to result into slight manipulation in two of the field photos. There was an annoying, extremely bright white sign stating that there’s gas lines running underground. I don’t do that usually, but it was very annoying.

I don’t know, there’s just something about latex opera gloves. Something.

They look nice.

Bicyclists! Everywhere! Especially on public bike paths! How dare they!
By the way, there have been huge changes in Project L’s content. Unfortunately YouTube does not appreciate latex clothing, even when worn modestly. These checks come automatically, and they are confirmed by a manual check.
This was a decent part of the monthly income with the project, and as creating high-quality 4K video is expensive—both in capturing and editing equipment—I saw the need to get some of that investment back. So, unfortunately, the future full videos will be behind a Patreon paywall.
It is not a decision I did with a light heart nor mind, but a necessity after trying to find different methods of capturing, cutting and whatsoever in YouTube. At least the videos will be of higher quality on a different platform, and I don’t have to censor myself.
Full video for this part is already up on Project L’s Patreon.
I will release cut videos on YouTube, though, so if you’re not willing to participate on Patreon, you’ll still get to see something. I understand that either money is tight, or that you don’t feel like paying for the content. But I  promise you’ll get your money’s worth.
There’s even a new VLOG series, including me, doing stuff. There’s like five VLOGs out already. In 4K, of course, because it matters.
Besides this, the project will be now charged on a monthly basis instead of the previous per project -basis—this is to prevent freeloaders; before you could access the content without your paying going through, now you’ll have to actually put some money in before you get access. I wanted to have a trust-based relationship with all of our Patrons, but unfortunately this resulted into many fraudulent Patrons.
Please remember that Project L runs on your continued support from Patreon. By supporting the project through you can gain access to high-resolution images, exclusive photos and videos and an exclusive Discord server only for Patrons and the project’s models.

Latex used in the project

Red Stockings (0.25mm) by Libidex
Black Opera Gloves by Libidex
Skirt by Latex by Tiina Rikala

3 Responses

  1. Robofish says:

    30 degrees? Ha, it was hotter than that here last week! And some of us still wore latex. :)
    Well done though. The gloves are nice, but I expect they weren’t so much fun in that heat…

  2. Janey Egerton says:

    There’s not just “something” about latex opera gloves. They are all that matters!

  3. Really liked that you did a shot with long gloves! Please more of that!

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