The Fairytale Forest

We got another latex donation, from a wonderful supporter at Project L’s Patreon called Steven!

So, originally, this was supposed to be a very quick shoot to capture a small unboxing VLOG for Patrons and a dress haul.

We did so.

But, then we thought—we’ve had one, yes, what about second photoshoot?

So we traveled into the Fairytale Forest, of course.

Some might call it Nukarinkoski, but we like our way better.

But I’m getting way ahead of myself. Let’s start with a bit of a dress haul.

And now you’ve also seen our little temporary studio that we set up in our stables!

Yes, we have stables. We’ve moved to a farm.

No, we do not have horses. Yet.

But we do have chickens.

There’s a whole VLOG about the chickens at Project L’s Patreon.

Not to advertise too much, but I’m actually really proud of myself doing a VLOG—something that I’ve never done. I’ve always hated being in front of the camera, because I might look a tad silly.

Now I just don’t care. I’m silly, regardless of how you look at things.

But what about the Fairytale Forest?

The day was warm and beautiful. Temperatures soared at 27 degrees Celsius, which is actually insanely warm for the Finnish late August.

A day later, the outdoor temperature plunged to somewhere around 10 degrees Celsius. And from here it will only go down…

The water was clean and lovely.

I feel like I somehow managed to capture the weirdly magical (and a bit humid) atmosphere of the Nukarinkoski.

Summer is now over. It sounds sad, but it is the truth—and now we must rejoice for the upcoming Autumn foliage and its bright colours. We Finns take our feelings from the weather, as it impacts our life in
such a massive manner, so it is rather bittersweet to welcome Autumn.

While you’re here, I’d urge you to—again—take a look at Project L’s Patreon. We’ve updated a lot of stuff, started a VLOG, dug some ancient, never-before-seen latex photoshoots and put our longer videos available only for Patrons.

Please remember that Project L runs on your continued support from Patreon. By supporting the project through you can gain access to high-resolution images, exclusive photos and videos and an exclusive Discord server only for Patrons and the project’s models.

Latex used in the project

Princess Catsuit by Libidex
Avril Skater Skirt by Libidex
Blue Heidi Top by Libidex
Gauntlets by Libidex
Deco Socks by Libidex
Electric Blue V-Neck Swing Dress by Libidex
Black Negatron Dress

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  2. Nice haul! The socks are too cute. :)

  3. Martin Hladky says:

    Very very beatiful. Great work

  4. My phone’s a few pieces of latex but I’m a bit more adventurous than her. One piece you love to wear out was the natural latex with the spider web lease on the top. We weren’t to the Halloween 2019 showing at a bar of Rocky Horror Picture Show and I was in a two-piece tracksuit made by the now defunct company DVote.

    We didn’t attract too much attention initially but another couple came up to us and expressed that we were fairly adventurous for wearing that and that they did own some latex but decided not to wear it this time. So we invited them over a few times to model for us their clothing and us for them. Nothing sexual, just adults enjoying a private showing just for the sake of its own enjoyment

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