Winter of Kerava

The Finnish winter can be surprising. Last year at this time the grass was green and everything was damp, whereas now we’ve had the pleasure of having snow everywhere since the end of November.

The Finnish winter is also rather dark. Up in the Northen parts the sun doesn’t come up at all, as the sun sets down at the end of November and then rises again mid-January.

We in Southern Finland aren’t just that much sun-deprived, but still our days are short—the sun rises at 9.30AM and sets back down at 3.15PM.

That’s not a whole lot of hours, especially when one’s got a day job to take care of. It’s dark when we go to work, and dark when we come back home.

I managed to take a shorter day at work, and we were able to start the photoshoot around 3PM–leaving us around 15 minutes of sun, and about an hour of twilight.

But who’s this new face, you are probably wondering.

She’s Bunny, also known as @travelsizebunny on Instagram, a Finnish girl living in Germany. As it happened to be, Bunny was visiting Finland, in a city right next to my town, called Kerava.

We’ve visited Kerava a few times in the past in previous Project Ls, but never in the centre.

I guess it was finally time to do so.

From the flat field—that is supposed to be a fountain, but it is rather frozen right now—we headed off to a nearby hill called the Aurinkomäki, translated “Sun Hill” just to catch the last glimpses of sun before the horizon swallowed it whole.

Ah, the golden hour and its famous light.

We were very lucky to catch a glimpse of the sun, as it’s been a rather rare sight during the winter.

For some reason, the weathers of most recent Project Ls have been very favorable for us. It’s the small things in life you can enjoy.

It was getting darker and darker every minute, but it really doesn’t show in these images, because I’m privileged enough to have access to lenses with extremely wide apertures, able to utilise any ambient light possible.

The blueish colours here are from the post-twilight reflection of the sky to the snow, whereas the orange-tinted lights come from a nearby school.

I’ve never been one to carry around external flashes. Using the ambient light gives this kind of very casual, lifelike mood.

When used properly.

We had been walking around Kerava’s centre for quite a while, and I saw that Bunny was getting a little cold.

Our last stop took us to a parking lot, with some spruces in the background and the parking lot’s yellow-tinted lights shining some diffused illumination, reflecting from latex.

It’s amazing what an excellent camera, combined with an excellent lens, can squeeze out of the ambient light.

The translucent latex is pretty nice, too.

But I mean, just look at how sharp the image is! Look at the bokeh!

Photography equipment has taken a huge leap from back when I started my artistic journey with disposable cameras and Canon’s trusty ol’ F-1.

Thank you for reading this far!

Or maybe you’re just looking at the pretty pictures. I don’t blame you. I like to look at pretty pictures, too.
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Latex used in the project

Smoky Black Standard Women’s Catsuit by Fantastic Rubber

4 Responses

  1. All that in about 15 mins of light! Well done. Lovely suit too!

  2. I can only say, that’s awesome!

  3. That’s awesome set! And nice that you got new model also!

  4. patreon_8684194 says:

    Is that catsuit a new one?
    I’ve never seen it before, but I like it very much.

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