Snow in Sipoo

Winter. Cold, harsh and white winter.

A time to shoot latex, of course, because what would be Project L with no latex content during the winter?

It would be even a colder and a lonelier winter without latex.

And no, latex clothing does not insulate at all—it’s only 0.4mm thin, after all.

Poor Bunny.

Although this time Bunny did not squeeze into her catsuit, we can still see her preference with the translucent, smokey black latex.

A good choice, I might add; it’s revealing, but in a classy way.

Sun was generous enough to light us with its presence through a kind-of-a thick layer of clouds.

It was pretty frigging windy, though, which was not very comfortable to Bunny, whose thin, non-insulating outfit choice of the day did not help.

But it is a lovely outfit, isn’t it?

The weather was getting worse. Sun had hid its beautiful yellow face, the wind had ramped up its velocity and snow was starting to pour from the grey clouds.

We still had few moments to stay, in order not to freeze Bunny to death.

There was an old, rusted-through tractor. Bunny thought it was quite funny.

We sought shelter from the winds by walking back to the four-wheel-drive Volvo, and decided to drive in the middle of the woods—at least the trees would shelter us from the wind.

Besides, there were still remains of last night’s snowfall on the branches of the trees. The winds had not yet blown them away. I’m told that it’s aesthetic or something.

We were getting pretty cold. It was time to give Bunny a ride back to her location.
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3 Responses

  1. patreon_8425609 says:

    Wow. Bunny’s name is really fitting, because she’s CUTE! It was obvious from part 108 already, but even more so now, in broad daylight.
    Great job capturing this so well! :)

  2. Really lovely!

  3. Amyphist says:

    Definitely wise to wrap up warm in that weather, and with that outfit! :)

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