While Middle Europe has been suffering from a quite awful weather, rain and low temperatures, Northen Europe has been under a lot of sun and high temperatures. Initially we were supposed to shoot this photoshoot few days before, but it was way too hot then. Unfortunately for us, it was even hotter today with temperatures rising near 30 celcius. And that’s quite a lot in Finnish climate. Nevertheless, we went outside. In latex.

As the catsuit’s arm was quite badly torn apart in the last photoshoot, I skillfully (yeah right) cut it off afterwards. With the contrast of regular fabrics it worked quite well, I must admit.

At first I was suspicious of the selected clothing and thought that it wouldn’t be as I had imagined it in my head – with such dark colours – but seeing it put on on the location, I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the result.

I’m quite surprised and glad how no-one really looked twice at our direction. It’s good to see in practice how latex isn’t necessarily such provoking as its reputation precedes it.

Latex isn’t really a material which should be used when it’s sunny, though, as UV rays tend to brittle and lighten the material. Also it’s very hot to wear especially in direct sunlight, when the thin material sucks up the warmth of the sun’s rays.

In hindsight, I should’ve most likely taken more time with the lighting, but as my assistant was on a business trip, I set myself a challenge to use ambient lighting instead of reflectors and strobes. I could’ve done better with bringing the model up more from the background, but I’m satisfied enough with the end results and post processing.

You can check the behind the scenes and outtake photos from here: https://photour.net/project-l-part-11-behind-the-scenes/

A quick note!

On a semi-related note, I’ll use this space, as it reaches quite a lot of people, to praise Libidex’s customer service. I’ve worked previously in multiple customer services and I know that the good deeds usually go unnoticed. Not this time!

There was a slight mistake in my custom order, which I queried about via e-mail. The customer service replied in just five minutes that they’ll be happy to replace the product and I should have it here in Finland for the next week. It’s usually difficult to convey friendliness and readiness via e-mail, but I most certainly was left with a smile on my face. Thank you!

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