Watchtower of Aulanko

Once again we return to Hämeenlinna. It’s pretty much in the middle of where Didi and I live, so it’s a good compromise to make, when we’re both busy parents, being busy parenting and, you know, living & breathing.

The Watchtower of Aulanko has been a point I’ve thought about returning to, but just didn’t. We were supposed to be there once, but then it started raining and we put off the shoot.

But this time we had a great weather. It’s Finnish summer!

Here’s some more glove details for y’all who’ve been askin’ ’bout it. Constantly.

Without a pause.

Well, here you go. Gloves that actually fit. Fine. Fine!

Because we never learn about planning and scheduling our shoots for morning or evening, the times with the best light, we have to improvise.

I mean, it’s not like that we have even choice; when we have few hours, we’ll take it, harsh midday sun or not.

But at least we found a gazebo to diffuse the light a bit—although, admittedly, the light’s direction might be a bit odd, it adds a curiously interesting effect to the suit, adding to its reflections.

The suit was exceptionally shiny today.

I’ve been trying to vary my lenses a bit. I’ve over-used 35mm and 50mm lenses, which have this “real-like” distortion, but 85mm is a much more “grown-up” lens with way less distortion.

I still prefer the wider angle that 35mm offers, but it’s good to challenge your old ways and find something new from things you haven’t used that much. It forces you to find new ways to spice it up, to find different lights, poses and angles.

Before we even found ourselves up on the watchtower of Aulanko, we found a little overlook at the foot of it. The overlook looks upon an extremely Finnish sight—woods and lakes as far as one can see.

And perhaps some power lines.

See how the latex makes pretty reflections on the ground. It was that shiny!

Here we were at the bottom third of the watchtower, on a small observation balcony or whatnot. Perhaps in the good ol’ times folks threw boiling oil on some naughty people trying to take over the tower.

Or perhaps it was just a balcony. We’ll never know, because I’m too lazy to google it!

Again, stirring up the pot with varying lens’ focal length. These are somewhere around 16mms, changing the proportions to a strong effect of long limbs, depending on where you point the edges of the frame.

And yes, we climbed to the top of the tower. There were quite so many tourists that we were unable to get proper angles without disturbing others.

Suddenly we found a little hut. A little hut on top of a stony hill. A chapel of some kind.

Didi enjoyed walking around the stony hill with her high heel things. Platformers? Pligh heels? Pligh pleels?

I have no idea what shoes are.

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Latex used in the project

No idea, something from Didi’s wardrobe and eBay

3 Responses

  1. Your 85mm shoots are fantastic, I mean your photography always is! I’ve yet to grow out of 35mm and a rubbish macro lens.
    Also Didi looks amazing as always!

  2. In the third-to-last photo there is something mystical around the fingers.

  3. Michael McCartney says:

    Tuomas – as usual, your photgraphy is excellent. And with Didi, you have an awesome model too.

    But, will we ever see you point your camera at a male model (other than yourself, of course), so we can enjoy latex on both the male and female forms?

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