Summer Cottage for Two

The Finnish summer.

A time, when Finns flock to their cottages, somewhere away from home. Many of them stand by a lake, as Finland is the country of a thousand lakes.

Well, that’s a bad saying. In reality there are 187,888 lakes with an area of at least 500 square metres.

One of those lakes, luckily, stands right in front of our cottage in the woods of the small village of Kuhmoinen. A village that lights up to life during summer, when other Finns flock to their respective cottages as well.

When the summer ends, the village turns to a ghost town.

There are dozens of villages similar to Kuhmoinen in Finland. We Finns really, really like our cottages.

Some of us like to wear latex at the cottage, too. And swim while wearing it, as well.

On this summer day, Elina and Leila chose to do that.

Those of you who appreciate a nice pair of sexy shoes, you are in luck. Leila’s wearing some pink off-brand Crocs slippers, whereas Elina is wearing my on-brand actual Crocs, too large for her feet.

Ah. Crocs. The sexiest footwear there is.

To those of you who think of me as a degenerate, you might be correct—but I’m now being very sarcastic about crocs.

Latex is actually a very nice piece of clothing to swim in. It works just like a wetsuit does, letting the body warm the water that comes in the suit. Except that a wetsuit is much more durable and a little bit warmer. And usually a lot easier to get into.

So what are two beautiful, latex-wearing girls doing at the cottage? The same thing that most Finns do—bathe in sun, swim around a bit and drink plenty of alcohol.

Us Finns tend to drink a lot. At least our generation.

I’ve heard good things about the new Z-generation, with people drinking less and less and being much healthier. Mocktails are taking over cocktails, 0-proof-alcohol beer is getting ever so popular.

Good for y’all, young folks. You’re all better people than I am.

At this point, I think we were couple of drinks in.

If you’re wondering why Elina does not have her right hand covered in latex, you’d be very correct to be suspicious.

The arm was was torn off by the armpit in a latex stream somewhere back in 2018. I don’t think the stream itself still exists, as we streamed in Twitch back then, and no archive remains, unfortunately.

Nowadays we stream on YouTube, on some rare occasions that we have time.

In the photo below Elina tries to drain her closed-sock catsuit from excess water.

Yes, I know it looks very suspicious.


After-swim latex selfies.

That’s how the world spins.

Elina’s attached sock to the latex catsuit tore up after Elina did some sommersaults and other tricks.

Oh well. It served its time, and the front-zippered catsuit was old as heck. We’re going to have to order a new one soon, I’m assuming. Why do things cost so much money?

Also, going to a sauna in a latex catsuit is pretty nice. As we might’ve mentioned this a few times before.

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Latex used in the project

Matrix Catsuit by Libidex
Standard Women’s Catsuit by Fantastic Rubber

4 Responses

  1. Amyphist says:

    Some superb shots here! But yes, probably time for a new catsuit…

  2. RobbiZ says:

    If you need an inspiration on what to do with Elina’s damaged suit, I’d like to point you to Kate Bishop’s costume from the “Hawkeye” comics, which also has only one arm. It’s purple, however, and has the (in)famous hip holes.

  3. Very nice pictures and inspiration..thank you to share all that with all of us . To low your catsuit budget, why don’t try those from latexcatfish ? It’s based in china, good quality, half prices.. but very long delay,around 6 months.. Hello from belgium !!

  4. Fabain says:

    I would recommend you to just cut off the socks and buy separate ones. I never bought a catsuit with attached socks for that reason.
    If the sock is not attached and therefore already have it, you will have to glue a latex trim at the end of the leg to avoid it to rip there.

    For the prices: Since I can make my own suits, I know how much work it is to get one done and all of it is made by hand. Also the raw material is expensive.

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