Two Halloweens

What about a Halloween party?

We’ve had one, yes. What about a second Halloween party?

That’s how our internal thoughts pretty much went.

What’s worse, while we had our party, I was still (hardly) recovering from pneumonia, and Leila was just about to get ill.

And no, we did not hide this fact. We let the guests know, but still they wanted to come. As far as I know, nobody else got ill from this event.

The first party was a true party, with multiple visitors coming from near, far and wherever you are, my heart will go on—with no mandatory latex dress code.

Of course, some of the guest goers wore latex. They are cool like that.

Our second party was pretty much just me, Leila and Maria having a hungover karaoke, with Maria coming up with the idea of “hey, let’s put on latex and take photos”.

So we did.

And that’s that—it was just a party, and I just happened to take few photos from the event. Of people wearing latex in actual, real casual situations.

Then came the after party, the time of hungoverness and photoshootiness, after all the guests (except for Maria) had left.

The following photos represents our way of spending the evening. Wearing latex, taking photos, doing dishes, singing karaoke, dancing a bit.

It’s just how we roll.

This project is not very serious, no matter what anyone says to you.

We’re just very silly.

And so ended our little Halloween parties.

In hindsight, we should have postponed everything, with me barely recovering from pneumonia and Leila losing her voice (and yet managing somehow to sing karaoke).

But what happened, and it probably happened for a reason. The reason was that we were too stubborn.

Be smart. Don’t be like us.

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Latex used in the project

Black Negatron Dress by Libidex
Black Kiera Dress by Libidex

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  1. Amyphist says:

    Looks like you still managed to have a fun time (or two!)

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