Winter of Jonja

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Snow! It’s snowing!

It’s also literally snowing right now as I’m typing this, a week after.

It doesn’t stop! We’re covered in snow! If we would have any sunshine, literally, any at all, we would go blind.

But we don’t, it’s Finland after all. The land of the never-rising-sun. Or something like that.

The early winter was full of snow, but the Christmas times were bloody cold (below -20 Celsius), and now that it’s not as cold any more, we’re getting even more snow.

It never ends.

Jonja is back, and despite her favouring black clothes, she agreed to dress into the purple catsuit, as its fit is much better; Jonja is rather tiny, after all.

Seldom comes the opportunity to capture photos in a location with this kind of lighting.

I mean, it’s just a window on a wall—a very simple one—but its height, width and all were pretty much perfect for this shoot.

Sometimes things just come together. Like, for example, orange hair and a purple latex catsuit.

Unlike usually, I did my best to ensure that we have as many different angles available.

It sure makes a difference, when we aren’t in a hurry to go anywhere, or to avoid other people coming to the location.

Also, wherever you looked at, there was something different. Many Finnish apartments follow the “nordic” look of having white everywhere, from floors to the roof. It’s kind of dull.

This location was, on the other hand, much more interesting. A red wardrobe! A red bed! Even the bloody kitchen was red.

Not bloody bloody, you know, but red, still. You know.

By the way, in the photos with the laptop, Jonja is actually doing her real job. You see, Jonja is an artist; she writes stuff.

I’m not quite sure what she writes, but I’m guessing it does not have anything to do with Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter kissing in the Forbidden Forest.

Noo, nothing like that. Nope. Why would you think that?

After stalling for quite a while—because it was -7 degrees Celsius outside with strong winds, the windchill was somewhere around -19—we finally decided to bite the bullet and go shoot some latex photos outside.

And by “we” biting the bullet, I mean of course Jonja, who was wearing nothing but a latex catsuit (and perhaps a winter jacket for the transitions).

You really have to appreciate the effort and the suffering. Oh, how people suffer for my project; but perhaps the suffering is overcome by the vast amount of people supporting the project on Patreon.

And all the fans on our Instagram latex page. And Project L’s YouTube.

In Finland, people don’t really stare. Like, at all. And if they do, it’s very embarrassing, so we very rarely get any comments about wearing latex in public. It is just a material, after all, nothing to be afraid of.

Of course, this does not apply to Finns who are drunk. Drunk Finns are strange and overly social. At least by Finnish standards.

This is why we think that if someone is overly social, they’re probably drunk. So to us, Americans seem drunk all the time with their chit-chat.

I would like to make a claim that we were outdoors for hours and hours, but in reality, it was probably closer to 15 minutes.

With Jonja’s choice of attire, it was like seven hours in winter jacket years.

That’s a thing, right?

After getting indoors, I ordered Jonja to make u some hot tea for herself. It’s important to stay warm.


What would be a better way to end things, than to reflect on the coldness that was, and feeling the warmth that is—especially when surrounded by greenery.

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Latex used in the project

Metallic Purple Princess Catsuit by Libidex

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  1. Amyphist says:

    Yikes, well done! It certainly made for some striking pictures. :)

  2. J Rogers says:

    Beautiful !

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