Paint & Wine Stream

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We had an another latex stream, with some paint & wine themes. Again, it was an absolute blast, and ridiculously fun!

With me were Leila, Maria and Bunny, sitting on the floor of our little studio… in our stables.

The evening started with different costumes than when it ended. Leila wore this beautiful top with a white dress, whereas Maria practiced her Man Ray / Hatsune Miku cosplay. Bunny was wearing a classic—a wonderful black catsuit.

The girls started the evening by putting on their latex gloves, so that there would be some challenge to their act of watercolour painting.

Then, the actual painting started.

I was amazed of how good painters they were, especially in kind-of restricting gloves!

Then, the eager fans at the stream really, really wanted for Leila to change her outfit to a black neck-entry catsuit. So she did.

Then we had a little taste test. The girls did not like the taste of Underberg, a bitter not recommended for anybody. You might guess from their faces.

We enjoyed plenty of Cards Against Humanity as well, where we could happily be the card czars to each other.

Obviously, because I am extremely funny, handsome, not fat at all, extremely wise and many other lies, I won the game.

Although, last time when we played, I might have lost… badly.

Then the stream ended, and the real party started. The real karaoke latex party!

Due to copyright reasons we can’t of course stream our karaoke parties. My part in that singing might also be a war crime of some sort.

The last image pretty much sums up our feelings about the evening. It was so much fun!
I’d highly advise you checking out the recording of the full stream. There’s also a lot of exclusive photos, videos and even a few GIF animations at our Patreon.
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Latex used in the project

Latex gloves by UniqDsn, bought from Rubbella

Maria’s outfit and Leila’s first outfit by Libidex

Bunny’s first, black catsuit by Bright and Shiny

Leila’s second outfit, a black catsuit, and Bunny’s second smoky translucent catsuit by Fantastic Rubber

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