Didi's Spring

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A reliable source has informed me that spring is coming up, and it’s coming up soon.

Unfortunately this reliable source was gravely mistaken, and the spring still has not arrived, instead it is snowing outside as I write this.

I am declaring a weather emergency based on being bummed out.

But for this one day with Didi we had some sunshine in the Tampere region—so we timed our photoshoot well.

An early start to a day requires a cup of hot coffee from a Pokéball-shaped coffee mug, as well as some very casual latex wear from Didi Ou. You know, the usual stuff. Latex pants. A shirt. A very fashionable pair of crocs.

A lonely, sad pigeon was cooing from a nearby tree, as its own home had been demolished recently.

We laughed at it, for it was a pigeon, and their attempts at creating nests are practically two sticks and some good faith in gravity.

There’s even a subreddit for stupid pigeon nests.

Didi sat in front of her red house. Yes, Didi is actually three meters tall and that is her actual house.

Where she lives every day.


Surely so.

But the day was only beginning, and we couldn’t just spend the whole day sitting in a yard, sipping coffee, wearing latex and rocking those crocs, however comfortable that would’ve been.

Well, I mean, we could have. We totally could have—but that wouldn’t have provided much variance in the photos nor a good narrative to the story.

Unless we were there to do a story about the history of Pokéball-shaped coffee cups in latex.

Shit, we should’ve done that instead. That would have been so much better.

But we did not, so we headed off to central Tampere to dine on some sushi, of course.

And to polish Didi’s latex.

Of course.

Despite my numerous attempts to persuade Didi to go for a swim, she did not agree to it, even though the weather was extremely lovely, with temperatures reaching almost 8 degrees Celsius (46°F).

The water must have been at least two degrees Celsius (36°F), so it would’ve been a wonderfully refreshing experience!

But, alas, we did not see it. I’m sure the water flow wouldn’t have been that strong, either. The current’s waves were only like a meter tall!

I guess some people aren’t just ready suffer a horrible, cold death for art.

Not having died a horrible death by drowning, we headed off further away from central Tampere with Didi’s lead.

The way was paved with construction sites after construction sites, but with moderate effort, we made it through.

We’re heroes.

We found a half-frozen lake to ogle at, and Didi found herself a new skirt to wear. With a dress of this length, however, some leggings are required—otherwise there would be a great risk of showing around your assets.

And this isn’t that kind of a project, no sir.


We did not drown in the lake, either. What a peculiar day to not drown!

Didi hinted us that there were some pretty colourful letters painted on some walls nearby as well.

Some people might call these “graffitis”, but I’ll stick to my easy way of saying pretty colourful letters painted on some walls.

Slips right off from your tongue, doesn’t it?

Didi’s bag was also very pretty and very shiny.

It was a good day not to drown.

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