Summer’s been summered up and it’s time to resume the Project L with its 12th project. The photos are a mixture of posing and being natural, with the weight being more on the model’s comfort zone, posing.

Today’s theme was formed along the model’s close bond to nature. It’s a wonderful thing, taking a hike away from everything – especially in a large city (large at least from a Finn’s viewpoint) such as Helsinki. The view from the hill was spectacular, as you could see all the way to the central of Helsinki.

According to the model, who’s a first-timer in latex, the hike in a complete catsuit was surprisingly pleasant, as the weather was partly cloudy and at 19 degrees Celsius (66 °F) with a refreshing breath of wind hitting the skin every now and then. The only worry was to avoid scratching the suit from branches and other sharp objects, such as rocks and pine cones.

Even though we captured a few looks from the hikers and joggers, the reactions were mostly amused and curious. I’m glad that nobody was offended anyhow. As I’ve stated multiple times before, I don’t want to provoke unwilling people by shoving the extraordinary clothing in their faces.

Disclaimer: As I’m writing this, I’m sitting at Assembly Summer 2013 with only a few hours of sleep during the last few days. I realize that I’m not able to write as well as I would want. But either way, here are the photos. Enjoy.

You can check the behind the scenes and outtake photos here:

Ps: Quoting a history’s great philosopher, Ralph Wiggum:

“Me fail English? That’s unpossible.”

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