It’s time for the 13th Project L, and this time we headed to a cottage in Hämeenlinna with a brand new model, Miia.

As we drove from Järvenpää to Hämeenlinna, the weather seemed to darken up and hard rain started slamming up against the car’s windshield. Then it started to thunder. At this point we were quite suspicious of the possibilities of a cottage-based photoshoot.

Somehow magically, only twenty minutes later from the heart of the thunderstorm, the skies seemed to clear up. A northern gust of wind blew the stormy weather towards south to soak the guests attending Helsinki’s “Taiteiden yö”, roughly translated as “Night of the arts”. Oh, the poor souls.

We quickly checked out the premises for proper shooting locations and planned a few steps forwards. This was Miia’s first time wearing latex, thus she was quite intrigued to know how it actually felt like when worn. She wasn’t disappointed. Miia frolicked around the cottage in a cartoony way, giggling endlessly. My only regret is that I didn’t record that to video, but I’m quite certain that Miia thinks the opposite.

It’s always so amusing to see curious individuals react to the feeling of a second skin in form of the latex – never during the Project L has the sensation been disappointing to them. I’ve reasoned, that if one is open enough to pose to a camera in a skintight suit, one is open to new experiences with healthy curiosity. “It’s much easier to put on than it looks”, Miia said, even though the suit wasn’t chlorinated and required dressing aid to get it on.

Even though we had plenty of cottage-related activities planned, such as mowing the grass, gardening, posing as the grim reaper and picking berries, we were struck with the oldest of problems – wrong keys to the tool shed! At least now we’ll have a perfectly fine excuse to shoot “The cottage II” in the somewhat near future.

With our main plan foiled, we had to improvise. Naturally, as Finland is the land of the thousand lakes, a visit to cottage is nothing without lake-related activities. As it’s been mostly raining and thundering for the few previous days, the water was only at 18°C. Yet Miia dared to dip herself into the vast lake Kuohijärvi. A full-body suit works just like a regular wetsuit; the small amounts of water that get in the suit work as an insulation against the coldness of the lake.

Check the outtakes, behind the scenes photos and a short video here!

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