People nearby of me know about the Project L, as I’m quite open and forthcoming about it. Thus, as we were casually discussing about the project and its viewpoint, a classmate of mine, Jasmin, suggested that she might be interested in modeling for the project. There was no chance I was going to decline.

This was Jasmin’s first time wearing latex, and yet it didn’t make her feel uncomfortable. “It feels like a second, rubbery skin” was her first impression. Afterwars she described it simply as “a fun experience”. We’ll be planning more photoshoots with her in the future, for sure.

We planned the photoshoot for a while, and as we’re classmates, what would be a more suitable place to hold the photoshoot at than our campus? Thus I booked the school’s studio for us.

At first I was rather concerned about Jasmin’s height. She’s so damn tall and a catsuit’s back zipper limits its stretchability quite a lot. But no worries, it seems, as the suit fit her perfectly. Seriously, latex adapts so damn well to its wearer.

We quickly strolled through the possibilities of the campus’ studio and decided to seek more interesting places within our campus’ boundaries. As coveralls are a usual part of a student of an university of applied sciences – and don’t attract as much attention as a rubber suit – we opted to combine them with the shinier and tighter counterpart.

Well, okay, we still gathered some curious looks. But as usual, they seemed more amused than anything other. We didn’t cause any distress, yay!

As usual, the behind the scenes photos and outtakes will follow in a few days.

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