It’s time for the 16th part with,a new model, Didi! She was introduced to me via a friend of mine, another photographer Juha. You can see more of Juha’s work at the behind the scenes of the project.

The location was planned weeks ahead and Didi took the responsibility with pleasure. If someone has a good idea and wants to do the work for it, I ain’t going to say no.

The day of the shooting was the first time I had ever met Didi in person, making her the first model I didn’t know beforehand. We’ve had chatted via Facebook a bit, but not much more than that. Juha, in the other hand, had known her for way longer.

For some reason we had not chatted through the process of putting on a rubber suit beforehand. When I went through the methods – talc or lubricant – her eyes opened with awe, and perhaps a bit of “what have I gotten myself into”. But that wide-eyed look quickly turned into curiosity.

After a short introduction in how to put the suit on and some tips and tricks, Didi retreated into her room to slip in to the suit. In five minutes we started hearing uncontrollable giggling. Apparently she had gotten most of the suit on and was astonished by how it actually felt when dressed.

We headed to the grounds of Hämeenkylä manor, but when we got there, it started pouring cats and dogs. Thus we headed to a nearby shelter, where the photoshoot officially began.

Luckily, the rain stopped soon after and we were able to stroll around the premises without the fear of getting soaking wet.

The behind the scenes and outtake photos will be released shortly after. I also captured some videos, but I haven’t checked them out yet.

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