So many times I’ve sworn that I wouldn’t get sucked into these jolly holiday themes, but what do you know, the photos ended up looking quite Christmasesque.

I had planned in advance to use wide apertures in combination with the Christmas lighting and other decorations and checked out few places to shoot, but the plans weren’t that definite. I only had thought that I shouldn’t make the setting look obviously Christmassy. But I did. Oops.

We took our photoshoot to central Helsinki and we started from Stockmann’s traditional Christmas showcase at Aleksanterinkatu, from where we headed to Helsinki’s Old student house for a glass of glögi.

Finnish glögi tastes somewhat like Glühwein, but instead of being actual wine, it’s practically made of stewed seasoning and booze.

Next up we headed to Kamppi’s shopping center, where we found a peaceful corner filled with fuzzy red and white cubes which were apparently supposed to represent Christmas presents.

Being in the middle of Helsinki in latex does attract some attention, but mostly it was due to model’s rubber gloves. Shiny clothes seemed quite common among other passersby, and some jealous looks were also given by other girls wearing some wannabe-shiny leggings. Most of the looks seemed to come from the actual process of an ongoing photoshoot.

As usual, I’ll be releasing the behind the scenes and outtake photos in a few days.

Happy holidays, merry Christmas and a wonderful Kwanzaa to everyone.

Unless you’ve been naughty.

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