First, some good news! After contacting a local latex tailor, Tiina Rikala, she agreed to loan us plenty of her latex garments. We drove off to Tampere, where her boutique is located at. She practically buried us in latex clothing and was really glad to help our project. In exchange we promised to provide her with some marketing photos of our photoshoots.

Please visit her site at and compare the prices – everything is tailored specifically for the customer’s measurements, so the prices are actually a lot cheaper than any other made-to-measure products.

But as promised, the part two of Project L was shot yesterday. After hours of wondering and editing it’s now ready to be published. Tonight’s theme was spinning around SWAT-team, cleaning and just regularly having fun.

A good friend of mine borrowed the SWAT equipment and replica weapons. Naturally the local police was informed about the photoshoot to avoid any unnecessarry calls from concerned citizens. Apparenlty no-one even noticed it, as afterwards, when we inquried whether anyone had called the police, no-one actually did. That’s always a good thing, provoking bystanders in the name of photography ain’t a good thing.

One bystander wandered to the roof terrace to grab a smoke and was introduced with a quite staggering view. We told him of our project and he understood our viewpoints and left afterwards.

Check the behind the scenes photos and outtakes here:

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