A week ago I wrote that Libidex had sent me clothing to support Project L’s continuity. On the very same weekend we had a photoshoot to show out the new clothes.

Here it is. Hike in Helsinki II – with the same model from the first part.

The photoshoot was planned and executed in a really short time, only in the span of two days – usually it takes at least a week to arrange all necessary schedules, shooting locations, ideas etc. Luckily for me, the model suggested some excellent locations where to shoot at.

We were extremely lucky with the weather, as after the date of the photoshoot the Finnish weather went nuts; there were hailstorms, even snowfall. In the middle of June. That’s simply insane.

Perhaps the name “Hike” in Helsinki is not that correct for the images itself, but I believe that it displays our journey through different parts of Helsinki beyond the photos.

Latex dresses, bodysuit and tights provided by Libidex.

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