There’s always a first time for something. This time it was the way of obtaining a new model – asking a random person I’ve never met before on the internet. This is not how I usually do things, as everyone who has modelled for the project has previously been a friend of mine or a friend of a friend. Thus approaching a random stranger on the internet was a huge leap for me.

As I’m studying journalism and work for a local newspaper, I could call myself somewhat competent in analysing people through the text they produce. That, or I’ve been really lucky with my guesses – as I was now. After approaching Tii, she agreed to model for the project at the same instant.

As we’re both hard-working people, it’s always a challenge to find a mutually available day for shooting, thus it took weeks to arrange the photoshoot. But that’s perfectly fine, as we got to know each other better and we got some great ideas which I believe greatly improved the end results.

We discussed the idea of “normal life” thoroughly. To be honest, not many people wear neon green net shirts nor do they have colourful hair – but it’s normal to the model itself, as she does it on a daily basis. Thus I found it extremely suitable for the project; who am I to define “normal”?

The shooting day’s weather was somewhat unstable to say the least. After choosing the perfect clothing options together (well okay, Tii did it all) we drove ourselves to Tampere’s centre to return the latex clothing I had borrowed from Tiina Rikala almost two years ago. Yeah, it’s been that long. I’m a slacker.

When we got ourselves to Tampere’s market square, someone put the faucet on. Rain was pouring all over with no end in sight. We sought cover beneath a nearby large tree, but even that wasn’t enough after the rainfall got heavier. We were drenched all over. Tii, who was wearing a latex catsuit at the time, didn’t mind that much, but I was not that fortunate and smelled of wet wool for the remaining day. We managed to run to a nearby church, where a wedding ceremony was about to start. Luckily the rain did not last for that long so we avoided crashing the party whilst wearing latex.

Heh. That would’ve been a sight.

After carefully finding our way through the freshly-formed ponds around Tampere’s market square, we proceeded to have a lunch at a nearby diner and really got our flow going by discussing Pokémon in an adult manner. Yes, that’s a thing. Don’t judge us!

Besides not knowing her beforehand, Tii’s also a curious character, as she already owns few pieces of latex – unlike any other model of the project. The most noticeable one being a cocktail dress made by Tiina Rikala. As a rare opportunity such as this dawned upon the project, of course we shot with the beautiful dress, too.

As usual, behind the scenes and outtake photos will be released in a few days – with a video. I finally got myself an image-stabilized lens!

Latex used in the project:
Turqoise dress by Libidex (sponsored by the manufacturer)
Black catsuit by Libidex
Metallic blue cocktail dress by Latex by Tiina Rikala

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