For two whole weeks the weather forecast for the date of the photoshoot was rain and thunder. The whole week before was rainy. Even on the very morning of the photoshoot there was a 70 percent chance of rain according to Finnish meteorological institute. Thus, we prepared for rain; wellies, umbrellas and all of the same. The original plan was to show out a narrative of a failed camping trip.

Lies, all lies. The day was warm and sunny. Now, one can’t complain much of a lovely day, but we weren’t prepared for it. We had only few pieces of clothing that fit the sunny theme.

Well, we coped.

I feel that the narrative of this Project L worked out nevertheless. At the start we see a polishing and a tired Miia. Soon after we got ourselves some lunch, changed on some suitable clothing, found ourselves in a weird template of a concrete jungle surrounded by forests. After the day, we headed back to Helsinki.

Now, that would be a decent story of a roadtrip if it was planned. But it wasn’t. We just did what we often do with Miia – drive around, have fun and take photos of our silliness.

We also tried a new concept – videologging in English. I haven’t had the time to look into the video, but it seemed rather nice when we shot it. Well, Miia shot it – of herself. I was merely driving the car and popping some snarky remarks in between.

The videolog and behind the scenes photos will be released few days after – most probably after the weekend.

Latex used in the project:
Catsuit by Libidex
Body with a bow tie by Libidex (sponsored by the manufacturer)

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