‍‍The line between an image for the main Project L and its behind the scenes is vague – very vague. For a while I’ve been trying to find the definition, but in the end, being silly and yourself is what Project L is; a post with plain, staged posing would fall into the void of mediocrity. Or then I’m just overanalysing. Perhaps these are the photos I just can’t be arsed to edit properly.

Nevertheless, these are the behind the scenes and outtake photos of Project L’s 30th part.

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About the process
of photography

Sunny days are unfortunately uncommon during the Finnish winter. But when the clouds step aside to let the sun shine upon us, it’s magnificent. To our luck, the weather forecasts that we had been checking during the week were correct. To our misfortunate – on the other hand – it was really cold.

It’s surprisingly easy to convey the cold, icy feeling through an image. Snow on the ground works as a nice overall reflector to reflect light on the darker areas of the image, whereas wide aperture lets the model to pop out of the branch-filled background. The Finnish winter sun never rises far above the horizon, so its light was, albeit orange, still at cold temperatures. This could’ve also been pushed down by changing Lightroom’s colour temperature.

Latex used in the project:
Metallic blue Princess catsuit by Libidex

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