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Now, back to our scheduled Project L.


Sometimes we get an idea that we follow through laughing, even though it doesn’t include “everyday life” in a way Project L aims to showcase. But then again, a latex catsuit could by all means be the everyday outfit of a dictator from Middle Uusimaa. That’d be awesome.

Every single day I commute to my university I pass by this silly sign advertising Kerava. And every single week it seems that a new graffiti has been painted on it. Besides that, I’ve been taking a film narration class on school with a heavy emphasis on dystopian future.

Kerava’s services have also been closing down one by one during the last few years; shopping centres, businesses shutting down, empty offices in the centre – even the busy railroad station shutting down!

Then it hit me. Kerava’s already turning into a dystopia – why shouldn’t I emphasise it in the ways of satire, and perhaps sneak in a bit of shiny outfits.

I called a friend of mine to borrow his Swedish army’s surplus Scania SBA111 and some replica weapons to convey the message I wanted to push through.

As usual, the behind the scenes and outtake photos will be a few days later (earlier on Patreon). Plus the 34th Project L has been already shot and it’s scheduled for the next Sunday!

Taking accord of every bad thing that people with firearms have done lately, I feel that I must clarify a few things before you scroll into photos.

DISCLAIMER: The weapons presented in the photos are not authentic firearms; they are merely replicas of such and thus cannot be used to fire lethal projectiles. The poses, weaponry and such presented in this project are a work of satire and do not convey any kind of attempt to threaten anything or anybody. Eastern Uusimaa police and Kerava’s emergency response centre were both informed in advance of the photoshoot.

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Latex used in the project:
Metallic green Princess catsuit by Libidex

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