It’s wonderful to work with people you can bond with; people, who understand what you mean when you’re waving your hand like a monkey, babbling something about turning a certain body part so that the light is cast on it in a better way.

Didi is such a person. Besides that, she’s a professional – always wanting to improve herself. That’s something I greatly appreciate. Besides, that hair is just so awesome.

Originally we were supposed to have a May Day’s picnic with multiple models, but alas, other models cancelled. Pity.

Now, before you all go “oh that’s not everyday life, her clothes are weird” – just no. Even though to someone might see that the clothes might be strange and obscure, that’s Didi’s everyday style. That’s exactly what she wants to be, and that’s wonderful.

Day 1

Saturday’s weather was just awful. The whole day was filled with heavy, constant rain without even a brief pause. Even though we originally planned to shoot in nature, it’s not really that beautiful when everything’s all muddy and cold, so we headed straight to Helsinki’s centre.

The rain was even worse in Helsinki.

Even though we tried to keep a positive outlook and we really, really tried to find good spots from Helsinki’s centre, we grew tired and drove ourselves back towards my studio in Järvenpää. We had some energy left, though, so we decided to stop briefly at Tuusula and its bird-watching tower.

It was cold. The rain, albeit not as heavy, continued. And then, surprisingly, a group of 12-year-olds took over the bird-watching tower. They shouted, they were smoking someone’s leftover cigarette stumps. We drove off to Järvenpää and wondered how there’s something wrong with the townspeople of Tuusula. Or perhaps they just don’t have any other places to be and scream in peace.

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Day 2

A new, sunny day dawned upon us and we headed off to Niemennokka, a somewhat secluded park away from Järvenpää’s centre’s immediacy. We weren’t the only ones to rejoice of the sunshine, though; the park was filled with disc golfers.

It’s wonderful to see young people actually doing something sports-related instead of screaming and shouting at bird-watching towers, but in my experiences, local disc golfers are kind of jerks. They don’t dodge; they will throw their frisbees even though a person is on the way. Mind you, the park is completely open, and not anyhow specifically reserved for the disc golfers.

Enough rambling. Back to our shoot.

We tried to avoid the disc golfers and thus we really couldn’t shoot at the exact positions we had hoped. Soon we headed back to Tuusula and its bird-watching tower’s boardwalks to finish what we had attempted to start yesterday.

After a while the sky turned grey and the first drops of water hit the ground. We took that as a cue that perhaps it’s better to get some breakfast and finish our shoot. Finnish rain isn’t very inspiring.

As the photoshoot lasted for two days, we got double the images for you!

As usual, the behind the scenes photos and outtakes will be released few days after. We shot some video, too, but I haven’t yet had the time to browse through them. If you’re Project L’s Patron, you’ll get to see the video before others, so perhaps you’d like to check that out at!

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Latex used in the project:
Black skirt by Latex by Tiina Rikala
Black Princess catsuit by Libidex
Metallic blue leotard by Libidex, Customized by Tiina Rikala


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