It’s been a busy and at the same time a very lazy week, as the long-lasting Finnish cold summer turned into blazing heat that scorches everyone who dares to put his or her nose outside of the house. Lucky for us, that scorching heat hadn’t gotten to its full extent, as the chilling and still strong winds from the open sea made the model feel even a bit cold – even though I, carrying a huge ten-kilo backpack full of photography gear, was really feeling the heat.

If you’re a regular viewer, you might recognize the model, Jonna, from the 32nd Project L, Watersides of Vantaa ( We’ve been planning a photoshoot together for months now, but there was always something that came in the way; miscoloured hair, catching cold and so on. Finally, when we least expected it, a mutual free day was found from our schedules.

Originally we intended to shoot the project around Helsinki’s landmarks, but we quickly sacked the idea due to too warm weather; we simply had to drive everywhere in my air-conditioned van, walking long distances in the heat whilst wearing a catsuit isn’t really a great nor a safe idea.

Because of this we chose to stay by the seasides of Helsinki, as the chilling winds were really a necessity to avoid overheating. We also visited a local megamarket specialized in selling technology-related stuff, Verkkokauppa, whose roof terrace gives a wonderful sight over Helsinki’s roofs.

As usual, the behind the scenes and outtake photos will be released few days after. Probably with some video, too.

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Black Princess Catsuit by Libidex


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