Wow. It’s been a while. Almost two months, to be more precise.

During summer I’ve moved apartments twice and moved to the second biggest city in Finland, Espoo. All and all it’s been a great hassle and there really was no time to plan Project Ls. After all creative work requires a somewhat relaxed state of mind. Then, when there was time, the schedules got mixed up. And then the model got sick.

But that’s life, and now we’re back – with a new model!

The on-again-off-again Finnish summer turned into autumn in a flash and the cold rains have been among us for weeks now. It’s dark, it’s murky and it’s wet; that’s the Finnish autumn for you!

So what Finns do when there’s nothing to do outside? Well, many of us drink. A lot. What comes from us naturally is a great way to build up a theme. And while we’re creating realism, it was rather obvious that getting ready takes sometimes even longer than the intended action itself.

We started the evening at my place in Espoo, from where we travelled to Helsinki’s centre by train – which is quite rare, as I usually prefer to go by car as it’s so much easier to carry tens of kilos camera equipment and it also doubles as a discreet and a somewhat well-equipped dressing room in a case of a sudden wardrobe failure.

By the time we had eaten and gotten us something to drink, too, the bar’s last call was announced. It was time to go home and get a cup of hot tea.

As usual, the behind the scenes and outtake photos will be released few days after. Probably with some video, too.

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