The new suit has a wonderful colour that compliments the model’s outlook very well. Or perhaps it’s just that I’m used to seeing her wear similar colours before.

If you didn’t already know, the new suit presented here, Libidex’s plum-coloured Princess Catsuit, was donated by a wonderful fan and a Patron of Project L – Paul. You can read more about that from here. I highly suggest reading the whole wall of text, as it really means that much to me. Besides Paul, people have helped me throughout the project in huge ways before, so let’s not forget them either:

  • Latex by Tiina Rikala: The first one to lend a helping hand by borrowing plenty of latex outfits for project’s use even before Project L was really a thing. Without Tiina, I probably wouldn’t be here today creating Project L in the first place.
  • Libidex Ltd: Giving out surplus suits, spreading the message of Project L and being overall supportive towards us. Project L uses mostly Libidex’s products nowadays. The Princess Catsuit’s cut fits so many body types and it’s a beatiful product.
  • Everybody who supports Project L at Patreon: Project L costs money. It’s an expensive hobby that I’ve always loved to do. But then came Patreon and turned the idea upside down; now I’ve got an expensive hobby which doesn’t cost me a thing. And perhaps in the future I could do Project L full time. That’d be a dream come true.

About the process
of photography

My apartment’s colour temperatures are a wild bunch; there are so many different temperatures, that I could probably paint a landscape of Grand Canyon with them. An easy way around of this would’ve been just shutting down all the lights and using flashes, but that would’ve – in my opinion – just taken away the real, softer feeling of ambient lights. Besides, applying makeup etc. would’ve been a tad more difficult.

As you can probably deduce from the video below, I had attached a small action camera, Sony’s AZ1, on the top of my regular camera. But because I really didn’t want it to draw attention, the Sony being white and stuff, I put the camera in its weather sealing case and then covered the case with black gaffer’s tape. This might seem somewhat excessive, but small things matter when you’re trying to be as unobtrusive as possible when shooting in the public.

It’s really amazing how discreet you can be when dragging this with you:

Ready to shoot… While shooting. #canon #1dx #ProjectL

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I carry my camera on Blackrapid’s Cargo shoulder strap, which really cuts down the “HEY LOOK, A CAMERA” look. Besides, Finns really tend to look after themselves instead of poking their nose into others business and thus, even if they would’ve noticed that someone is wearing latex and someone is shooting her, Finns will often try not to look to avoid the “embarrassment” of being caught looking at other people. Yeah, we’re an odd bunch. Not all of us are like that, of course, but the vast majority, I would say.

Lately I’ve been looking into getting Canon’s upcoming 35mm f/1.4L II, which I had the opportunity to test very briefly (without shooting anything, though). I’ve been considering selling my 50mm f/1.2L because I think that I’ve moved away from its tight field of view, but then again – I love its bokeh. Oh well. Perhaps I’ll just save money so that I could own both.

But seriously speaking, 35mm f/1.4L II would be an excellent lens to shoot latex – it’s a great way to be on the move and use ambient lighting without going too wide. “If you’d have to choose one focal length to shoot with for the rest of your life, most would choose the 35-millimetre equivalent” said Canon’s Finnish CPS manager. And that’s very true.

The next Project L is planned to be shot on the next Friday, so let’s hope we can arrange it this time!

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Latex used in the project:
Plum Princess Catsuit by Libidex




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