You can’t really get everything out of London. And since I’ve been there only six times, I don’t feel like that I’ve even scratched the surface. Given this, it was very hard to decide where to go and shoot at. I didn’t want us to be too obvious.

Originally we were thinking of shooting two different projects from the whole trip, but we opted to stay with one instead; thus we didn’t have to worry so much about the content and didn’t have to stress it. Shooting a Project L is quite exhausting for the mind and the body, when the model (and the photographer) is always stressing about looking as good as one can to the camera.

We ended up circling around London’s centrum and its not-so-extremely-populated attractions, such as the Natural history museum.

London’s weather was wonderful with temperatures nearing 10 Celsius, meaning that you could actually wear latex and not freeze your legs. Meanwhile in Finland, -30 Celsius.

All and all, I think we could’ve done more – much more – but then again, this was our first longer tip with Project L, so it’s very easy to get carried away when looking for places to shoot. Then find yourself in a pub, just to “rest for a while” whilst devouring a pint or two.

It was somewhat surprising to notice that in London people really stare you more than people do in Finland. But we don’t think it’s that latex is more rare in London, but instead the cultural difference; Finns are ashamed to show that they are perplexed and it’s considered rather rude to look at another human being for “too” long. Londoners aren’t that shy, thus their stares will be more noticeable.


We divided the photoshoot to two days, one with the burgundy-coloured catsuit, another in the black catsuit. The burgundy-coloured one has its feet attached, so it’s not very comfortable to wear it whilst walking for miles and miles to end. At the end of the first day the model was really tired from the pressure of the feet – so we took a bus to our lodging.

The day after that was moreover a rest day to recover, so no latex.

Day after that, the last whole day of our trip, was the black suit’s turn. With its open feet, the sky was our limit to do whatever we pleased – but then we just kind of ended up in local pubs, bars and nightclubs.

We should’ve been more professional on the Project L’s part and shot every single thing we did, but then again, we just simply forgot the whole “ooh she’s wearing latex” thing, and enjoyed life as if it were a regular piece of clothing. At least we learned a lot.

The next trip (most likely in the very far future due to the high expenses of the trip that drained Photour’s bank account) will be directed to a place that is more inexpensive.

As usual, the behind the scenes and outtake photos will be released few days after. Probably with some video, too. I really hope we got enough.

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Latex used in the project:
Burgundy Princess Catsuit by Libidex
Black Princess Catsuit by Libidex


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