These are the behind the scenes and outtake photos of Project L: Part 49 – Shopping.

I’m late with these photos. Badly. Between the main project and behind the scenes I’ve 1) moved to a new apartment 2) had an influenza and 3) got an awful lot of school projects to finish up.


Better late than never, eh?

Anyways – the 49th project’s background work was very different from other projects; mainly because we had a tight schedule, as we had planned a timetable for the stream.

About the process
of photography

We mainly shot in a local shopping centre, on of Finland biggest, called Sello. It’s a nifty place that has an interesting enough lighting, as opposed to usual shopping centres, where the lights are just so very boring and awful.

The problem with Sello was that each shop has its own lighting, and especially clothes stores’ lights are awful in people photography; they’re mostly just harsh, strong spotlights directed at the clothes to – naturally – make them look as appealing as possible. You can’t really run around with the camera set to automatic ISO setting, as the lights are so very varying from place to place, that even Canon’s flagship, 1D X, fails to recognize the proper lighting conditions automatically.

This wasn’t that big of a deal though, as I’m used to constantly adjusting the camera’s settings when on the move, but I did miss a few nice moments because the lights were that dynamic.

Our hurry to get back to streaming wasn’t that good for the amount the photos, either – I really had to dig deep and crop in even those photos that I was not satisfied with. The end result isn’t as good as I’d hope for on my part as a photographer, but I can deal with it.

And worry not about our future activity on Project L, we’re back in business and the next, 50th Project L, will be shot on the next weekend, including game streaming planned on Friday evening – with a new, hopefully more interesting environment. There’s no exact time yet because we really want to focus on the photographic quality of Project L – it’s the 50th project after all!


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