What is enough to create a complete project? What should a Project L show that differs from the previous projects? This is what I battle with my head every time a project doesn’t include that many different photos.

Then again, the popular, common latex photography that one can see everywhere in the internet is the exact opposite of my worry; many publish multiple similar photos featuring only a slight change in the pose. This allows the viewer to choose their favourite photo of a specific pose for… science purposes.

Thank god Project L doesn’t work like that. I want to treat each picture as unique as it can be. Sometimes I fail, but more often I manage to handle a proper, flowing narrative and a healthy difference between each photo.

In the 49th project we had only a little time to plan out things through, and as we were on a deadline with me promising a second game stream, we took way fewer photos than we usually do – and I think that shows in the end product.

Perhaps not that much. Perhaps only a little. But still, shopping in latex. It’s a pretty everyday thing, isn’t it?

As usual, the behind the scenes photos will be published few days after – with an another behind the scenes video!


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Latex used in the project:
Black Princess Catsuit by Libidex


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