I thought about the 50th project for a long time. Usually people who get to a round figure of some sort, people expect something big, something different.

A crummy clip show? No thank you; that’s the most unimaginative thing you can do and the 50th part deserves more.

A congregation of all the models? Oh god, just imagine the hassle, schedule and fitting. It’d be doable in smaller groups, but it would take weeks and weeks to arrange.

How about something subtle, but something that affects the project as a whole. How about doing something that I hadn’t done before properly, something that comes as a default for most professional photographers.

How about writing a storyboard for the project.

Yeah. That’ll do.

Before you go all “what kind of an amateur is this, not even using a storyboard,” this has been completely intentional. I’ve purposefully avoided doing storyboards on the project because I didn’t want to make the project look too pretentious and that it’s trying too hard; I wanted the projects to have their natural flow, the artless way of how things go in real life. Before I’ve shot the photos in a chronological order, showing the viewer exactly what I saw, exactly in the same order.

Obviously I didn’t follow my storyboard one hundred percent through; we got other ideas, scheduled things differently, the girls were themselves and thus created new situations as the weekend went on. Opposite to what I was fearing, the photos weren’t any more set up than before; the girls were as natural as one can be in front of the camera, and I’m really pleased with the end results and I believe that I’m now experienced enough to both use the storyboard and convey the natural feelings and easiness of the situation.

About the process
of photography

There’s not much to say here – I’m still addicted to Canon’s 35mm f/1.4L II and its flexibility combined with its great image quality. It works so well both outside and inside the house that I feel like I’m cheating on the lens if I use another one. Whatever I want to do, the 35mm seems to work. It’s simply the best lens I’ve ever used.


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Red Scarlet Swing Dress by Libidex
Black Kiera Dress by Libidex


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