Finland is a beautiful country to drive through; beautiful and thick forests, well-kept fields and thousands of lakes along the way. But when you drive closer and closer to Rokua National Park, the treeline changes drastically. The spruces become rarer and rarer and instead of tall grass and hay, there’s thick layers of moss and lichen everywhere.

When you finally reach Rokua, the treeline consists almost entirely of tall pines that have near to no branches on the first five metres or so. In usual Finnish forests in their natural state, you don’t really see that far away. In Rokua, you can see hundreds of metres through the trees.

This allows the low-hanging, never-setting sun to shine through between the trunks all day and night, ensuring that there’s not a murky moment when the sun’s rays are not blocked by clouds. This, of course, allows the possibility to shoot unique photos unlike others.

I briefly visited Rokua last summer, but didn’t have any latex to shoot with. I shot some decent photos with Canon’s 11-24mm f/4L though, but a photo devoid of latex is not the same to me.

The cottage was quite a small one, but perfectly fine for us two and the silly dog. Besides, the dog’s presence in the photos created some wonderful moments.

Even though it might not seem so in the first glance, latex is a wonderful garment for your cottage needs – especially when there are thousands of mosquitos around. And believe me, there were so many of them. So many, that I still automatically slap a spot if I get an itch somewhere, because fuck mosquitos.

My original attempt was to show a natural-looking photoshoot of one’s life in a cottage at Rokua; one with as few staged poses as possible. Of course there are some, but most of the situations are in the midst of doing everyday cottage things; walking the dog, making food, solving sudokus, fetching water, chopping wood etc.

Also, good news, everyone! Our dearly beloved Patron and the generous supporter Paul has again sent us new pieces of latex from Libidex – three new catsuits with wonderful, different designs than the usual. I’m hoping to arrange time to show them off and thank Paul yet again from his generosity. But believe me, I am extremely thankful for any support, especially one as impactful as Paul’s has been.

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