Ah, Midsummer! The traditional way of celebrating Midsummer in Finland is going to your cottage, lighting up the grill, starting a bonfire with gasoline and getting amazingly drunk.

Then there’s kaupunkijuhannus, Midsummer in the city, where we forget about the cottage and the bonfire. Initially we planned on going to a beach with Leila, but then Maria contacted us.

“Come here,” she said. “Let’s light up the barbeque!”
“Err, you’re so far away nowadays,” I thought and dreamed about playing Overwatch the whole day.
“I’ve got a friend here, let’s shoot some latex, too!” she replied. And off we went to Espoo to our old neighbourhood.

Seeing how directed our last few Project Ls have been, I wanted to try something more casual, to just simply document the evening in its natural state as it goes on. I gave very little direction to the models and let them do whatever they wished.

The end result was that we mostly ate and drank. And then drank some more. And played video games whilst streaming them. The poses are not that well-defined due to lack of my direction, but I think it’s good to sometimes be as honest as you can.

The host of the evening has a some kind of a cult following in Finland, as he’s the guy who hosts the Finnish equivalent of 4chan, Ylilauta. Thanks to his presence, our Twitch stream averaged at 90–100 concurrent viewers at all times. Nice to get our project some new curious audience! We’re already averaging something around 19,000 unique visitors per month on Photour.net, but 100 concurrent viewers on Twitch is pretty awesome.

At the end of the evening, we headed off to a nearby field, as is a tradition in Finnish folklore; “If you run naked around the nearest wheat field, you’ll find out who is your true love”. We figured that running around and through a field in latex would be a proper, modernized version of the Midsummer spell.

We found nothing but mosquitoes and a beautiful deadwood, but it was still pretty fun. You can see our silly trip to the fields on Youtube if you’re curious. Finnish only, sorry!

I’d also like to remind you of an another beautiful deed that Paul, our long-going supporter on Project L’s Patreon, has done; all of the latex you see in the project has been donated by him. Every single one. You see the new gold and blue catsuits? Well, Paul gave ’em! And the gloves! You also probably know the red skirt from previous Project Ls, and yes, that’s Paul donation too.

Without Paul’s donations, Project L’s latex spectrum would still be very thin. It’s really awesome how Paul has come forward to make the project better.

Thank you, Paul! We love you!

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Latex used in the project:
Metallic Old Gold Angelina Catsuit Libidex
Metallic Blue Lily Halter Suit Libidex
Red Scarlet Swing Dress Libidex


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