If you’re a frequent reader, you might know that I’ve been in a few conventions with my camera. I usually go there alone and meet up with friends who arrived in their own accord – but never have I gone with someone who’s cosplaying; especially in latex.

Leila cosplayed Harley Quinn, inspired by Bruce Timm’s and Eric Radomski’s Batman: The Animated Series from the 90s.

As we’ve already had the correctly-coloured catsuit since the first Project L, a custom order by Libidex, Leila got the inspiration to finish up the suit with its details – the rhombus-shaped latex patches, neck and wrist ruffles, hair and the makeup.

We were accompanied with a friend of Leila, who cosplayed as Red Riding Hood from ABC’s series Once Upon a Time.

I’ve been to Finncon once many, many years ago. Then the event was rather small back then, especially compared to one of Finland’s biggest conventions, Desucon, and I didn’t really remember doing much there.

This year’s event was bigger with more places to visit, better lectures and more things to photograph. And yeah, your company wearing latex is pretty great, too. We were there from Saturday to Sunday and stayed over at a small studio apartment in the centre of Tampere.

I’ve never seen anyone cosplay in latex in Finland, at least never on a public event, and so to guess, neither had any other people; where Leila walked, heads turned and people approached to take a picture. I knew this was to come and tried to warn Leila beforehand, but it was still quite a surprise for her.

The first day was the most eventful with lectures, shopping and of course, the afterparty at a nearby pub. Unfortunately, yours truly was extremely tired from badly slept previous night and gave up before the clock hit 9PM. The girls’ afterparty went on till 11PM, and the poor things in their skimpy costumes had to walk through the centre of Tampere while the drunk locals were reportedly rather impolite.

When Sunday dawned, the girls woke up rather early to apply their makeup – unfortunately Leila was out of white face paint (or whatever that makeup is called) and had to rely on regular makeup, although naturally stronger on eyes than everyday makeup is.

Our Sunday there didn’t last for very long, as we were exhausted from the busy days. We were headed back to southern Finland before it was 4PM.

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