Of all those times when I wrote “ooh I’ve been so busy lately”, well, this takes the cake. In the last two weeks we’ve been

    – emptying our apartment
    – cleaning the apartment
    – deciding on what to keep
    – driving 4,500 kilometres in a 12-year-old Volkswagen Transporter with a puny 1.9-litre 63kW engine all the way to Malta
    – looking for an apartment that will accept a dog, is in central location at Sliema and is habitable in all the other ways possible
    – trying to get used (and not get ran over by) to those silly Maltese people who drive on the left side of the road

So… We’ve been pretty busy. Really, really busy. And of course, during this time I haven’t had access nor would’ve I had time to do anything creative.

Now, finally, we’re at our new home at Sliema, Malta. Thus, somehow ironically, this is the last project – for now – to be shot in Finland. The future projects will be at Malta, and we’ll be using two of my recently common models, probably even some previous ones who’ll want to travel here!

The 54th Project is about the few warmest days in Finland; test-driving a motorcycle, Yamaha XV 535, and having an another barbeque, as is tradition in Finland. On the day we shot the project, Pokemon Go was also officially released in Finland. We initially planned on playing it also, but, alas, the servers were mostly down. Ehh.

I’m a bit saddened on how the photos are not that interesting with their scenery, as we didn’t simply have the possibility to drive around on that many places; this road we drove on was rather secluded and had little to no traffic.

Maybe we can redo this in Malta, although we’ll have to get used to the traffic which differs a lot, frighteningly so, from Finnish slow-paced and very by-the-book traffic. Time will tell.

We’ll plan our first Project L at Malta as soon as possible. I’m really looking forward to it, the light is so different here than it is in Finland!

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Latex used in the project:
Black Matrix Catsuit Libidex
Black Princess Catsuit Libidex


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