It’s not that uncommon for me to miss Finland, especially as I’ve lived in Malta for almost a year now. There are some things that I don’t miss at all – such as all the grey slush that used to be snow – but then there are quite a few things that I do miss dearly.

I miss the things that have always been; like in example a very simple thing called “colour green”. There’s not much green in Malta, as everything is beige, beige and beige – especially during summer, when the local flora just dries and dies.

So, we – me and my dear missus Leila – booked our summer holiday to Finland.

When we landed in Finland, I almost choked because of the fresh air. No more dust, pollution nor sand clogging up my throat. Truth be told, I also got a flu as it was 30 degrees colder in Finland that it was in Malta (40 Celsius vs 10 Celsius).

We drove at least 2,000 kilometres during our wonderful 9-day-long trip to our home country, enjoying south, north and everything in between.

Nearing the end of our holiday we stopped by Tampere to meet a familiar face; Didi Ou!

It’s been a year since we’ve shot together, yet alone met at all. Seeing her was wonderful, and it brought back plenty of happy memories of Finland.

Damn, I really miss Finland right now.

Even though it just hailed couple of days ago. In the middle of summer. Seriously.

The girls took their time to get dressed up while I tried to entertain the very suspicious young dogs of Didi. They were rather worried about my huge camera pointing at them, appearing as a big, gaping mouth shaped by the lens hood.

Poor things.

Leila put on her bravura, Libidex’s latex Scarlet Swing Dress, while Didi dressed into a latex Cherry Pie Top and a moulded skirt. Made of latex, of course.

We drove our rental car to the central of Tampere, enjoyed some ice cream and some familiar attractions. We could’ve enjoyed much more, but – truth be told – having driven almost two thousand kilometres at this point was taking me and Leila down. More me than her, I believe, as I was still feeling the flu.

I really started missing Finland after walking around Tampere. It’s a beautiful and a vibrant city with so much spare room (especially when compared to Malta). The infrastructure is so much more logical and it’s clean everywhere.

When the time is right, I’ll be definitely coming back to Finland to pursue my career in photography – in latex photography, should that be financially possible to do full-time.

It’s quite difficult to be writing this from our apartment in Malta, where another heat wave is looming during the weekend, rendering any latex-related activities impossible due to a threat of heat stroke.

For the first time ever I’m waiting for winter.

As usual, the behind the scenes and outtakes will be released few days later. Or a week later. Maybe.

Don’t forget to check back, and if you haven’t seen the rest of everything, remember to check the previous Project Ls.

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Latex used in the project:
Red Scarlet Swing Dress by Libidex
Metallic Peacock Cherry Pie Top by Libidex


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