It’s time for the seventh project, already! Look at the time fly. Learning from the last week’s photoshoot I attempted to set the style a bit closer to the earlier projects and I’m happy to say that this style pleases me.

I’ve got a huge gap in my lightening skills with studio flashes, as I’m so damn used to photographing events and still life using the ambient light with huge aperatures. Breaking out of my comfort zone is not as comforting, but it’s much more satisfying to succeed.

This week’s model was Laura, whom I’ve known for a while now. Our plan was to recreate parts of her casual day, studying, playing violin, playing X-Box, posing in a leather jacket on the balcony… This was her first time wearing latex, as usual with my models. It’s so amusing to watch one’s reaction, the giggling and just plain curiousness of the strange sensation of a second skin.

– The experience was surprisingly comfortable, easy and a funny experiement! I’d absolutely recommend trying it out, says Laura.

It seems that I’m “corrupting” everyone around me with latex. Well, if I’m not convincing the viewers of this site that latex could and should be worn casually, at least I’m convincing my models.

This is a wonderful project and a hobby, indeed. I wonder if I could actually do this for living, and if so, how – or at least earn enough to pay for new outfits. If you know anyone willing to sponsor or support the project, please contact me via comments or e-mail. Comments are not published automatically, but only after my approval.

Check the behind the scenes photos and outtakes here:

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