Latex catsuit as an everyday piece of clothing? Sure!

Even a catsuit works great when you combine it with other pieces of clothing, e.g. a faux leather skirt and a woollen scarf. It really takes away all of the kinky connotations and makes your outfit look like it’s just a shiny piece of regular clothing. Which it is, of course.

Now I can’t say that this would be the same for everybody; people have different styles, different body types and carry their outfits in a different way. But Leila carries the suit wonderfully.

For the 70th Project we headed off to an aquarium located in Helsinki. Leila was happy to drive us there, but to our surprise, the place was absolutely packed. There were so many tourists who had obviously arrived to Finland to experience the Finnish Christmas, so our plans to have nice places to shoot at were spoiled.

It doesn’t show in the photos because I’m trying to respect people’s privacy to some extent – even though the Finnish law permits publishing photos of people in a public setting (including locations that require tickets to be bought), I choose not to when I have to possibility. Naturally, if a photo comes out extraordinary good, I’ll reconsider the matter.

The best camera to shoot latex with

The light in the aquarium was pretty great and there were some wonderful opportunities, but I couldn’t catch them all – and if I didn’t have my trusty 1D X Mark II with Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L II attached to its nose, I wouldn’t have caught the situations I did. Sometimes it’s about the gear you have, and this was one of those moments.

Afterwards we headed off to nourish ourselves with some wonderful Greek food. Although I’m a good friend with garlic, they could’ve spared it a bit… let’s just say that at least we were safe from vampires even until the next morning.

Back home we warmed up the sauna to rescue Leila’s almost-frozen butt. The weather was relatively warm, hovering somewhere around one degrees Celsius, but still, as mentioned countless times before, 0.4mm thin latex is not a very good insulator.

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Latex used in the project:
Black Matrix Catsuit by Libidex

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