Might I introduce you to a new model – Jonja! We initially met Jonja briefly way back when living in Malta, and back then she hinted her slight interest on trying on the material. Soon after Jonja moved back to Finland, while we remained there for at least six more months, so the time never came. Now that there’s time, we managed to get our schedules in line and arranged a photoshoot month and a half in advance.

We’ve been recently shooting a lot in our apartment because of our recently-expanded dog situation – it takes quite a lot effort to take care of the overly active 8-month-old sheltie. I’m not entirely happy with this, as our lamps are bloody awful and their colour temperatures are mixed. Getting proper lighting has been something we’d really like to do, but there are always so many expenses coming up.

The 71st Project L itself

“I’ll wear anything, as long as it’s black”, Jonja said when I was introducing our latex wardrobe. She was in luck, as we’ve got plenty of black outfits. Today’s outfit was Libidex’s Princess Catsuit, one we have displayed in countless projects; it’s an ageless classic. The suit was obviously a bit too large, as Jonja is rather small, but I think that it’s great to have different styles. You don’t always have to wear the material so tightly.

We drove off to a nearby restaurant, then to a pub to play some Trivial Pursuit and suddenly it was already dark – and before anyone judges, Leila was our designated, latex-wearing driver.

The urge to go outdoors and shoot plenty there was strong, but the weather was hovering around -15°C (around 5°F), so we really saw no need to get hypothermia. It could’ve potentially made great photos, but still.

By the way, mark 23rd February to your calendars… We’re going to host a latex party stream from our place with Maria, Leila (and probably Jonja, too), as Maria will be visiting Finland – and our place – then. Follow our channel at Twitch to join the fun and entertainment!

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Latex used in the project:
Black Princess Catsuit by Libidex

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