It’s been over a year since I’ve been to Tampere. This was way back during the 66th Project L, shot around March of last year, with the ground covered in snow and overly active dogs.

Easter was a great time to head back to see Didi, even though it did mean that my four-day holiday would turn into work. But shooting latex is that kind of work that you’re happy to do every now and then, because it differs a lot from my daily job; there’s way less stress and the only boss of your deadlines is your own mind.

Didi’s been my go-to model for years, not only because she’s a great model, but because she’s a fun person and easy to be around with. With that in mind, when she asked if it was alright to introduce a new perhaps-interested model to the project, who in their right mind would’ve said no to that?

Let me introduce you – Essi; a seemingly shy person with a hint of nerdiness in her, but with plenty of perseverance and guts for such a small package. Essi and Didi have a great chemistry between them, and capturing those small moments – no matter whether it’s just single one-person portraits or both of them portrayed together laughing – is extremely rewarding.

In moments like these it’s extremely important to capture the correct tenth of a second; which again requires either precise skills to capture the moment, or the spray-and-pray tactic of capturing 12 frames a second with Canon’s 1D X Mark II.

Obviously, I utilise the latter one.

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