Yet another autumn has fallen upon the distant land of Finland. Distant being a relative to your current location, but us Finns are distant people. Yet, somehow, I manage to find new people to join the project.

Well, not completely true. The people tend to find me – mostly because I put very little effort to seeking new models. I’m extremely demanding on the types of people I prefer to model for me; not of their looks, but their personality and how they communicate with me. The most important thing in Project L is the mental contact between the model and me.

Oftentimes this means that the project’s models recommend their friends, who, in their turn, recommend their friends. This has worked nicely thus far – and it did so again, when Jenni, whom Jonja brought to the project in the previous part, ( introduced Tuire to the project.

Besides Jenni and Tuire, Jonna was also happy to join our photoshoot, where the leaves were painted with all of the autumn colours. Few days after this, most of the leaves had been either blown off by gusts or they had withered away. We were lucky.

Our initial idea was to take a small roadtrip, and that’s what we started with; driving around a bit, seeing some autumny sights. Sun didn’t want to peek its bright face too much, so our plan was mostly foiled. There were partly sunny moments here and there, but nothing constant enough to make the models freeze themselves in the almost-below-zero-Celsius weather (34°F).

We finally cut our losses and headed back to my place for some wine and karaoke. At least we got photos out of that!

Also, Charlie’s Angels happened.

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Black Matrix Catsuit by Libidex
Black & white Charlotte Dress by Libidex

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