A whole pandemic has struck the world since I was able to create the previous Project L. The world’s going crazy and there’s nothing that we can really do about it asides of waiting it out.

The most suitable your everyday thing the 81st Project L could tell is… well, sitting home. Jonna’s studio is pretty small, so there’s not much to do – but to seize that moment is very important to me right now.

It’s not over the top – it’s just a girl hanging around in a comfy outfit at her home.

By the way, Finland isn’t in a complete shutdown, so we were able to do this photoshoot following the local regulations.

Oh also this project was shot with Canon’s 1D X Mark III. A bit of an overkill? Absolutely. But my day job needs it, and it surpasses its predecessor in its autofocus (helps me a lot due to my fondness of shallow depth of field), its dynamic range, better video and better performance overall. It’s just so fast, precise and awesome. I’ll dive more into the camera in a future update. Hopefully.

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Latex used in the project:
Metallic red Princess Catsuit by Libidex

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