Leila's picnic

“The Finnish summer is short but with only a little snow”, a Finnish proverb tells us. Yet, we’re extremely lucky to have a nice 25-degree-Celsius weather around mid-August, as it’s usually quite a lot colder already.

With our child taking a sleepover at his grandma’s, we were more than happy to spend our Friday evening in a nearby park with some picnic stuff and latex attire.

This catsuit has only seen one project and a one gaming stream thus far, which is rather sad considering that it’s a high-end made-to-measure catsuit from  the German manufacturer Fantastic Rubber, and it fits Leila extremely well.

When we first received the suit, we still lived in Malta, where the sun (and the surroundings) are completely different. This different light meant that the catsuit itself looked way different from what we thought we had ordered.

But no, it was just the Maltese sun. Here in Finland the suit looks much better, at least in our opinion.

But we, being as silly as we are, forgot that it actually was 25-degrees-Celsius outside and sitting outside in the sun is way too warm to be comfortable. Being comfortable is very important for the project – after all, we’re trying to show how latex can be worn casually, and we’re trying to make an example of ourselves.

So, unfortunately, the suit had to go. For now.

It’ll be back in Autumn, I promise!

A black dress. A classic – something that never goes out of style! This specific dress is a Kiera Dress from Libidex, and because of its style it’s been worn in the project numerous times. Most often by Leila, for some curious reason. Has anyone else ever worn it…

With latex comes the advantage of being able to wash yourself without taking off the dress. Leila was washing away the dressing aid residue from the catsuit.

Latex doesn’t breathe, so Leila deserved some back scratches. If you ask her, she deserves all of the back scratches.

She probably does.

After grabbing some surprisingly expensive sushi from a nearby hypermarket and some blanc de blancs sparkling wine from a liqour store, we were totally ready.

Oh, and some strawberries and whipped cream, too. Of course.

Then the wasps arrived and started munching on our sushi. Leila was not very keen on the wasps, as the following photo may portray. We moved into a better spot.

With the last remaining glimpses of the sun, we decided to head to a nearby pub with a proper terrace. We hadn’t yet had the chance to do that this summer at all, so this needed to be done.

It absolutely had to be done.

The photoshoot was over and it was time to head to home. We had our bunch of drinks, and the evening was a great success.

I mean, photographing latex usually is.

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Latex used in the project

Metallic Platinum Women’s Standard Catsuit by Fantastic Rubber

Black Kiera Dress by Libidex

2 Responses

  1. Wonderful, casual photo series – thanks for sharing! One can almost smell the warmth of the summer. Good decision not to use the catsuit ;-)

  2. Robofish says:

    The FR catsuit looks good, but agreed the dress is a bit more suitable for the height of summer. :)

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